Volvo V60 Polestar MY2018 with AutoPi integration into factory navigation display (Sensus)


I’m planning to create an integrated solution for my Volvo V60 Polestar MY2018.

The interior (esp. the factory Sensus Connect infotainment 7" display) looks like this:


Components I’m going to use:

IndiWork HD-LINK IW03V-N23 (for Volvo)


This device has 2 HDMI inputs which the factory display can be switched between.

Most likely I’m going to use an AutoPi and a Chromecast (or maybe an Amazon Fire TV stick) :slight_smile:

The Sensus 7" display has a resolution of 800x480, it seems. That resolution is said to be supported by the RPi as well.

AutoPi special configuration package

I want to use a Raspberry Pi 3 B using the offered adapter instead of the Pi Zero in order to have lots of power reserve for everything I could try :slight_smile:

Also, I want to use it with an LTE Advanced Cat. 6 modem (which also supplies GPS functionality) instead of the currently offered LTE modem.

I’d also like to use a molded case that fits the AutoPi including the RPi3. AutoPi staff told me that they consider offering this :slight_smile:

The AutoPi will be connected to the NAVI input HD-LINK box (which is HDMI).

Chromecast or Fire TV stick

The Chromecast or Fire TV stick ill be connected to the other HDMI port of the HD-LINK box.

This solution is going to replace my current setup consisting of a ScanTool OBDLink MX Bluetooth, my Pixel 2 XL smartphone and the Android App “Torque” which I use to monitor OBD/sensor data while driving (especially lambda, fuel trims etc.).

Unfortunately, my car lacks an oil temperature sensor. If I find a good location on the engine block to put an add-on oil temperature sensor, I’d like to connect it to the AutoPi as well.



I got rid of the car and switched to a Ford Fiesta ST Mk8 which features an Android Auto capable infotainment system (SYNC3), so this project will not be implemented.

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