Voice speaker information


I would like to know if voice speaker is available in italian language.



Hi @corederoma82

We mainly use espeak for python, to make the device translate text to speech. I’m not completely sure how that sounds in Italian, but it should be able to read up any text.

If this doesn’t work for you, there is a number of other tools you can try. Here is a link:

I’m sure one of these will work in Italian also.



wait wait…can i modify autopi.io installing software?


Hi @corederoma82

Sure, thats the general idea about the AutoPi. Since its built on Raspbian and Raspberry Pi Zero Wireless, you can pretty much do everything you can on a normal Raspberry Pi, plus all the extra features we packed the device with. The software running on the device is called AutoPi Core, and will be open source, meaning you can alter it in any way you like.

In this area we are very different from our competitors. We believe in openess and freedom of use for our customers.

Let me know if there is anything else.



oh ok…just to understand…if i have few fuel, can I enable a text to speech that remember me to put fuel???


Sure, that can be done through our event/reactor system. This system allow you to setup rules for your AutoPi device, such as the one you describe.


Oh the last thing please. It is possible to link autopi. Io to the car’s audio?


It depends a little of the stereo in you vehicle. If it has bluetooth built in, the you may be able to connect the AutoPi using the built in Bluetooth speaker.


Hi Peter,

Would it be possible for you to give us some hints on how to pair the Autopi to a car Bluetooth speaker?


There are many guides out there on how to do this. An example is this:

Its fairly simple and could be done in af few steps.