Very low profile connector?

Anyone know if there is a very low profile cable available ? The one supplied with my auto pi doesn’t fit that well - the fuse box cover doesn’t fit.

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@plord Hi !! is it Hyundai Kona ? if so, I will have same problem …
Wich protocol do you use ? I can’t find Kona on the autopie, so I should choose one and then the baud rate too… :frowning:

[quote=“Remy_Tsuihiji, post:2, topic:737”]
Hi !! is it Hyundai Kona ? if so, I will have same problem …[/quote]

Yes, Kona Electric.

Autopi detected [6] ISO 15765-4 (CAN 11/500)

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I have the same issue in my Ioniq , but the obd port is just in 2 clips in the sides.
So i released the usb port from the holder and then it fit :slight_smile:

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Oh, nice :slight_smile: I guess you clip it back for service ?

@plord ok, thank you
Do you know the baud rate ?
Did you succeed to connect something ?
Maybe for the connector, we should unclip the Kona connector side, to have more space…

Seems to be 500000

I tried the “Can Analyzer” but got nothing :frowning_face:

I tried recording a trip - got GPS, but no speed

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@plord Thank’s.
If you are sure about odbd protocol, and nothing on the “can analyser” we should wait an update from for EV car to have SoC and other thing’s :frowning:

I think i will , But have not have the first service yet :slight_smile:

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You might find this of use:


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Just uploaded a RHD (mirrorred) version as well.

I bought an OBD2 3-way splitter cable, I now have 3 OBD2 ports available. One I put back into original hole, second one is used for AutoPi and third one I’ll connect to my headunit (radio) via Sparkfun’s OBD2 adapter (once I get a new headunit that is…)