Vehicle support - access to PIDs through EU 2018/858?

With this right to repair stuff flying around, I found it odd that PIDs are all siloed in a commercial database that costs thousands of dollars to access (ETI).

I did some googling and it turns out that the EU enacted regulation 2018/858. Article 61 requires that vehicle manufacturers make the details of their PIDs available (text here).

I’ve started writing emails but I’m curious if anyone else has tried or even heard of this regulation?

If correct it should mean that Autopi could support any recent vehicle sold in the EU.


Hi @Euray1982 and welcome to our community!

This is a very interesting find. One of the biggest struggles we’ve had, when it comes to communication on the CAN bus (aka OBD-II port) is to get the PIDs needed to request certain data points from the vehicles and the actual decoding that needs to happen in order to transfer the data from hex to human readable data.

I completely agree that such a regulation will make it much easier for the AutoPi to gather data from electric vehicles and vehicles that don’t support the OBD-II standard PIDs. Right now, we aren’t as invested in researching this, however we will be extremely grateful if you are able to share any findings on this topic with us.


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