Vehicle Current Location API

I am trying to get the current vehicle location through Cloud dashboard or API but cannot find any resource in community or documentation about that. How can I get the current location/GPS position on vehicle?
Thank you

Does this mean you have to have the dongle / diy version always on? There is a setting for the power mode in the settings, maybe turning off the sleep mode or the like will keep the powering going to ping it’s current locaiton. Just a thought. I’m totally new to this too.


So I am learning and fumbling my way through this. To get the last know location from the cloud, you use the"+msg.device_id; api.

I am using node red and i have simply copied code for node red. You wil need to use postman or your favorite language to make the get call. (You will need to retrieve the token prior)

For a list of end points have a look at

msg.headers[‘Authorization’] = 'bearer '+flow.get(“currentToken”);
msg.device_id = flow.get(“device_id”);"
msg.url = “”+msg.device_id;

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Hello All,

how to get device geolocation inside of AutoPi, directly from device? using python.

thanks in advance.

Hi @Dima,

See this command:


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