VagCom KWP1281 Implementation

So have a 3rd generation unit with GPS and 4G set up the 7 inch touch screen with RPI 4.
I’ve been wondering if it’d be possible to retrieve the fault codes for a KWP1281 protocol VAG vehicle. So I know that there is an adapter that is required to retrieve the codes using Ross Tech VCDS software, what I am wondering is if this hardware does some sort of ‘encoding’ or what it’s role is.

Is there anything that attempts to solve this?

Would connecting a logic analyzer to my VCDS adapter, attempting to get the fault code and then replicating the signal be feasible using the AUTOPI? Is there another approach? What would you recommend. Any technical clarification would be extremely appreciated as it’d allow me to have a better idea of the problem at hand and how to possibly start working on a solution.

EDIT: After some research I found something massively helpful and amazing.

How would I go about implementing that protocol?

Also when adding regular PIDs how do you enter the module you want to talk to?

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