V2V Communication


Good day,

I am a final year mechanical student at the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal in South Africa.

We are currently tasked with a project of building a three-wheeled electric trike vehicle with Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication via WiFi.

The vehicle we manufacture will have no OBD-||, and, we have to transfer telemetry data such as speed, GPS location and direction of travel to another raspberry device connected to the same WiFi which will be located in another vehicle.

Is it possible to use the Autopi device to allow for vehicle to vehicle communication over the connected WiFi network?..and is the Autopi useful without being connected to an OBD port? How will it be powered or be programmed to use it’s own GPS and Accelerometer Data?

We can implement this separately but, the thought of having such a great dash screen is very much welcomed! And we would love to add multiple functions as the software facilitates it.

Please advise. I thank you for your time in advance. :slight_smile:


Hi Elijah

The autopi dongle is powered by 12v, via the OBDII plug, but with an adapter you can power it on a desk (or in a three-wheeled electric trike).

We haven’t implemented anything specific to communication between two autopi devices, but yeah, it’s built on a raspberry pi, so i’m sure it’s possible. Maybe by having one device host a hotspot, which the other device then connects to, or you could use another method of wireless communication.

If you power it up without plugging it into an OBDII port, everything other than OBDII stuff will still work perfectly fine, it is already using the GPS to get the position, but may require some changes to use the speed from the modem as well.

I’m not sure which dash screen you are referring to, but the on-device “real-time” dashboard is still being worked on. But the first version of the online dashboard is released and working.

I hope you can use my answers to help decide if it’s a fit for you.
It sounds like a cool project, best of luck

Best regards