UUID what this?

Just to know what is UUID :eyes:

Because we have:

Dongle ID or Unit ID: it is the number we have when we buy autopi, and we need it to register the dongle by email to autopi team.

ID: it is another ID we can found in the credentials, we use to request data from the cloud for example

UUID: I donโ€™t know, still not same as Unit ID ? or it is same thing ? :thinking:

Oh oh, I know this one. UUID is your device Uniqe Unit ID marked on the unit itself togheter with a barcode scanner, its Serial number so to speak

Side note;
This is generated by software, that meaning if you were to re-install (re-flash) your Auto PI you will get a NEW UUID which you need to send into Auto PI support for re-activation

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Thank you :sunny:
Because I always confuse it.
Ok. I will save it !

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