Use cellular connection as in-car hotspot?


Just wondering if anyone has had any success, or has any recommendations with using the AutoPi as an in-car WiFi hotspot using the LTE connection?

If so, any advice or tips on setting it up?



Yes - hot spot “just works”. I use it to allow my sat nav get traffic updates and live POI searches.


Wow, you’re right! I guess I’ve never tried the hotspot for anything other than local access. I connected my infotainment center and it works fine to pull map data and weather.

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Does it also work when the car contact is off? And if so how does it make sure the battery doesn’t drain? I now use a mifi router for my dashcam in parking mode. So I’m not sure to buy the WiFi or 4G version…


In my testing, yes, the hotspot works even if the car is off, as long as the AutoPi is awake. There are a few sleep settings that can be adjusted in the online control panel, such as how long the AutoPi will stay awake after the engine is shut off, and also the wake intervals and lengths. You can also configure a setting to force wake the AutoPi by sending an SMS message to the phone number associated with it’s SIM.

Ultimately, there is also a configurable voltage cut-off that will prevent the AutoPi from waking if your battery drops below a specific voltage. If you were looking for continuous access, the mifi with it’s own battery may be a better solution.

Your miliage may vary, but I’m only getting about 2-3Mbps up & down with my AutoPi. I’m sure it’s a conbination of it’s placement (buried in the dashboard), cell coverage, and that I have a 1st Generation. The 2nd Generation looks to have a faster LTE module.


Great. I ordered the 4G dongle. I will check what works better. I’m also curious if I will be able to connect to the dongle true the Mifi point as it has no port forwarding…


I hope it works well for you - sort of jealous here with the Gen 1 cell modem. Just hopped in the car and realized halfway down the street I forgot my phone. Checked on my apple watch and confirmed it was synced with the AutoPi hotspot!

1st world problem I know, but it gave me piece of mind knowing I could still send and receive messages if absolutely necessary.