Use Autopi on motorbikes


Nice to meet you. I’m new to this community, so sorry if I make mistakes.
I would like to ask you if it’s possible to use Autopi to interact with the ECU of a motorbike.
I’m a beginner, so I still don’t know very well how to use this device, but for now my aim is only to make a fault codes diagnosis (I’m pretty sure that the motorbike has a problem in the injector, but I don’t know if it is broken or if it is the ECU that fail to interact with it).
I don’t know the protocol of the ECU, because it isn’t specified in the service manual and Yamaha cannot tell me. From the terminal I used the command ‘obd.protocol set=’ with all available protocols, but the answer was ‘ERROR: unsupported protocol specified’ for everyone.
I thank anyone who can give me advice on how to proceed.

Good evening everybody.
Valerio Bersellini