Use 4G-model as if it was a WiFi model?

I’d like to start using the Autopi. First to do some testing and later on might want to have a more permanent connection using 4G.

Is it possible to use a 4G-model as if it was a WiFi-model? Then I can use the 4G facility later, when necessary?

Hi, yes, no problem.

You can just configure the wifi connection, then it should connect just fine.
You may want to disable the “SPEAK ALERTS” setting in advanced settings, to avoid it complaining about the 4G connection not being enabled.

Best regards

Ah, thnx!

And is the Autopi sold only from the site or are there any other (official) sources/sellers?

And something else: all data seems to be hosted on your (the autopi) server(s) = cloud. Is that a free service?
And who is the owner of this data?
Do you sell (or share) this data to any other party?

At this point in time it’s only sold in our webshop.

The cloud platform is free to use if you have 3 or less devices.
As specified in our privacy policy, the data is owned by the user, and is not shared with anyone in any way.

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Thank you @Malte for your clear and honest reply!