Upgrading a AutoPi TMU Pi3 to a Raspberry Pi 4


I noticed that the AutoPi TMU 3rd edition says that it is:

The AutoPi TMU Pi3 ships with the Raspberry Pi3 Model A+, but has been designed for the future. This means that it is easily upgradeable to the Raspberry Pi 4, if you need even additional processing power.

I guess I was wondering how this worked exactly. Do I just buy a Raspberry Pi 4, take it apart, throw the new one in, put the SD card in the new one and bada-bing bada-boom I’m done. Everything will just fit, and all the things will be aligned and I don’t even need a new face plate? I’m concerned about the about how the chassis will work with the Raspberry Pi 4, since it looks like this is a model A, but there is no Raspberry Pi 4, model A.

Oh I guess, it just fits in there I guess.

So it does fit in there, but the current images aren’t compatible with the Raspberry Pi 4, and so it doesn’t boot. I was able to put in a Raspberry Pi Model 3B+ to replace the Model 3A.

I was having some weirdness, since the hostname and a bunch of configuration is based on system identifiers like MAC address etc, and I think only setup during the initial boot, so since these changed I was noticing some weirdness. I ended up reflashing it and it seems to be stable now.

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