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OUT-OF-DATE - I have the RPI3 - AutoPi Dongle - 4G/LTE Edition

Nothing, just nothing happens on the device since few months ago.

Should be working like how I paid it to.

I can acces the online page but can’t communicate with the dongle, keeps telling me the update is stuck. January update.

Timeout has occurred
To increase timeout from the default 30, to 60 seconds: $timeout=60
Run the command


Nothing happens, the device is online but not communicating.

Do’s & dont’s

  • Do not write your unit-id anywhere.

I have 3 dongles and just bought 2 more of the new ones, ideally I would like a remote fix, please tell me this is possible.

Hi Dave and welcome to the community.

We’re sorry to hear that you’re having issues with your device. This sounds like an issue that should be escalated to our support system. You can do that by writing to us to support@autopi.io where we are going to be able to ask you for more information and hopefully get the issue resolved.

As a suggestion for a possible solution - go to the Software Updates page in my.autopi.io and press on the Queue Update button that’s located on the right hand side. After that, in order to force the device to update, make it go to sleep. You can do that by opening up the web terminal and writing down the following command:

power.sleep confirm=True

This will make the device go to sleep, which is when it checks for any updates that are queued up and it’ll try to update. Two things to keep in mind while doing this:

  1. The device needs to be online and connected to the AutoPi Cloud. Make sure that the globe icon on the right of your device name is green, which indicates that there is a connection between the device and my.autopi.io.
  2. You should get a timeout error on the sleep command. This is normal, as it will try to update before actually going to sleep, so no answer is going to be returned to the web terminal.

If this doesn’t help, we encourage you to escalate the issue to our support team, as this is where we can gather more information from you about the case and more easily resolve the issue.


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