Update to 2019.12.04 fails

Subject of the issue

The update to 2019.12.04 failes consistently

Your environment


Steps to reproduce

Launch software update within my.autopi.io

Expected behaviour

Successfully update to 2019.12.04

Actual behaviour

Update failes with message:
state: requirements
ID: pip-requirements-installed
name: pip-requirements-installed
duration: 37738.118
start time: 15:23:28
comment: Unable to process requirements file “/etc/pip-requirements.txt”.

running diff pip-requirements-installed.txt pip-requirements.txt

< flask==0.12.2
< flask-cors==3.0.3
< flask-api==1.0

< git+git://github.com/autopi-io/py-obd@161c9c785ff3f2ed045c1ac8dd027a70b191ff1e#obd


running pip -v --upgrade Flask

Segmentation fault

Output of power.status command


Do’s & dont’s

Hi Robert

It sounds like the filesystem might be corrupt, I think that’s the usual suspect when you get a “segmentation fault” error.

The easiest fix might be to reflash the SD card.
See the guide here Guide: Reflashing your device

Best regards

Indeed the SD card seems to have developed issues to an extent AutoPi wouldn’t start up any more; I now replaced the card.

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