Trouble Codes not being recorded and synced

Subject of the issue

How does trouble codes work?

Ive gotten a light in my car, which I suspect is the glow plugs. I figure I would get a more clear message on the website, but its recorded nothing?

The info page states the following.


Diagnostics contains trouble codes from the ECU of your vehicle. From here your can get a detailed overview potential problems with your car. You can even clear trouble codes which is no longer relevant for you.

Your environment

Current version:
2019.05.08 (fetched from cache)

Expected behaviour

When I got a DTC it should have been recorded and added to the website under the page “Car Analyzer” -> “Trouble Codes”

Actual behaviour

The list is empty

When trying to run the query from the website while the car is running I get nothing, except for GET_DTC actually gave me the Value []. Cloud Terminal - Use with caution. Type ‘help’ for help. Use ‘ctrl+r’ for reverse-i-search. Use ‘ctrl+c’ to cancel a request.


$ obd.query DTC_EGR_ERROR mode=02 pid=2D header= 7DF baudrate=500000 protocol=6
_type: dtc_egr_error
_stamp: ‘2019-09-20T04:55:12.180054’


$ obd.query DTC_COMMANDED_EGR mode=02 pid=2C header=7DF baudrate=500000 protocol=6
_type: dtc_commanded_egr
_stamp: ‘2019-09-20T04:57:54.113621’


$ obd.query GET_DTC mode=03 pid= header=7DF baude> rate=500000 protocol=6
_type: get_dtc
_stamp: ‘2019-09-20T05:21:20.946431’

value: []


$ obd.query DTC_RPM mode=02 pid=0C header=7DF baudrate=500000 protocol=6
_type: dtc_rpm
_stamp: ‘2019-09-20T05:22:32.978699’

Is it worth mentioning that I have the CAN analyzer problem too?
I cannot do any analyzing :frowning:


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