Trip times off when trip ends in offline-zone

Driving a trip which starts in a zone where mobile network is reachable but ends in - for example - an underground parking where no mobile connection is possible, the trip times are off several hours.

Your environment

  • Dongle Version: Not shown in interface, only stating “up to date”
    probably e582497af01162ce4d6023f1b836811b13fc388a

Steps to reproduce

  • Start car in an area with a good mobile connection
  • Drive into an underground parking without mobile connection
  • Park for some hours
  • Start another trip into an area with good mobile connection

Expected behaviour

  • Trip (and event) times are recorded locally and synced as soon as there is a mobile connection
  • Cloud solution registers events and trips with local recorded time

Actual behaviour


  • Trip start matches start of trip plus boot time of the device
  • End time would be around 7PM on Jun 28 but is 12:40 PM on Jun 29 when another trip was started

Hi Luzifer,

Thank you for reporting this issue. This is something we have seen before and actually it should be fixed in the latest release deployed to production this morning. If your AutoPi Dongle has been online today it should already be updated and future trips will be affected. The issue was caused by unsynchronised system time after boot up with no connectivity. The fix will also soon be available in our GitHub repository for AutoPi Core:

Have a nice weekend.


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Dear auto.pi

I‘ve just received my dongle and got exact the same result. Tested on thursday and drove to my garage which have no cell coverage. Today made a short trip and got an more day trip starting from thursday until today.

Checked on the webgui for software but no update available so may can you have a look at this? The trip should be completed without cellphone coverage and send the result when up again.



This issue should be solved in the latest release.

From the next release, we are adding further improvement to this.