Trip data is missing

Subject of the issue

I drove for almost 1,000 miles this last weekend and I have 0 trip data, nothing stored, no map information, no data.

I chose the date range and the map says “No trip selected” I clicked on date range and exported the CSV file:
Screen Shot 2020-09-21 at 2.03.59 PM

Your environment

Steps to reproduce

Load the dashboard, click on Trips, no trips appear.

Expected behaviour

Should be whatever it was before the last update.

Actual behaviour

No trip data.

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Terribly sorry about the late reply.

Trips are based on engine events such as engine running or engine notrunning.
As such, for a trip to be detected, these events have to be detected.

Are you able to request speed, rpm etc via PIDs?
Could you please try the following command in the web terminal and post a screenshot?
obd.query RPM

Can you give us more info about what car you have? Year, model etc?

I’ll take a look. I probably do not have these commands because ever since one of the last updates this device has basically done nothing, collected no data, map was all messed up, and since then I have swapped cars.

I’ll try again with setting those events.

I have this in my settings panel.

and ADDED these:

I swore I just did what you said and I just went for a drive around and your device doesn’t do ANYTHING. NO data, no live trip.

Just a waste of money at this point.