Track distance travel of a vehicle

Hello, this is for my final project. I want to track the distance travel of the vehicle using obd2.After that i want to program the Arduino or using this AutoPi device the service maintenance schedule for example, before another 100km reaching to 5000km the notifications is sent to user by using apps as the service reminder to change engine oil. Is your device can track vehicle distance traveled for my project. Please reply ASAP. or can email to

Hi Fahmi

The most accurate way to do this would be to read the odometer from the car via OBDII, but this is not supported by all vehicles, so you will likely need to look into the situation for your specific vehicle. There might be a PID that can do this, but it is also possible that you will need to request or listen for some specifc traffic on the CAN bus.

Alternatively, less accurately you could use the trips to do this, they can be retrieved via the API.

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