Total waste of time

Is it just me or is this device a totale was off money and time.

It seems that any questions about the quality of this device is deleted ?

Hi @Jim_Garvey,

I do believe most of our clients find the device worth the value and we dont have many complains about the device. However, if you are not satisfied with what you received then make sure to reach out to our, they will address your concerns and questions fast.

Also, we never delete posts on the community forum.


Hi Jim,
I have been working with support for over a week and my issue is unresolved. Also posted on this forum and have not had any response there either. I don’t think it is that difficult of a problem, but I get one response from support every other day at the end of the European workday. I respond as soon as I get the email and then wait another day or two for the next response. Not really solving my issue.
Since it involves the hardware you sold me and nothing that is custom, I would expect you should be familiar with how to make it work correctly.
Roger Ticket#952566

Hi @Roger54,

Glad to hear that you are working with our support. That is often the fastest way to get help. Our support usually answers within 24 hours on normal workdays, but keep in mind that some cases may require additional investigation. However, all cases are always answered, yours will be too.


The device is good for what it does but I think it’s way too expensive for consumers. I would’ve liked it to be cheaper to allow the community grow. Having a larger user base would be great for new ideas and supporting other users with problems.

I feel like it was started as a community project and is now mainly commercial.

The device is not expensive at all. You forget that you get a lifetime subscription to the cloud. That makes it quite cheap.

The device does require some work, and programming knowledge so it’s not for the average user but it was never marketed as such. Even in the original kickstarter, the most marketing that was ever done it was marketed as a “full-stack maker platform for developers”. It is absolutely amazing at it.

Given the costs of the maintaining the service and developing I also think the company is trying their best to target the business market as that’s where the money will be. They will hardly be making profit if all they do is selling to hobbyists.

The device itself is amazing at what it is, something you can program and configure for your projects. It’s not the plug and play solution for ‘everything’ some may imagine. But if you have a project in mind and it involves your car and electronics, this device will probably be your best bet and be more than great at it.


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