The can bus is detected but does not sniff or record anything

since i bought my dongle i can not sniff or record any can bus data .
but the can bus is detected .

it is really confusing . since my major reason to by the dongle is can bus .

the can bus is [6] ISO 15765-4 (CAN 11/500) and the Baud Rate is 500000

i hope to find a solution so that i have a better time with my dongle .

Hi Elyass!

There are some vehicles that have a filtered CAN output, that is to say, you’re not able to just listen for messages. This is also referred to a firewall sometimes. It might be the case with your car, however we can’t really be sure. What you can do instead is ask for messages through the PID Logger (which is on the same page).

Here’s another community post that goes in a bit more detail about this: What to do if CAN Recorder doesn't return anything.


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