The AutoPi does not wake after sleep

Subject of the issue

Anytime I stop the car for a while (enough for the Autopi to sleep), then when I run the car, the AutoPi doesn’t wake up, and stand sleeping. If I want it to start, I have to unplug and replug-it.

Your environment

AutoPi 4G edition (use without SIM card, send the data via Wifi), 2021.03.10 release, plugged in a Peugeot 206.

Steps to reproduce

It happens when the AutoPi go to sleep, then it never wake up with car ignition.

Expected behaviour

I expect the Autopi to wake-up at ignition, and send the data via Wifi.

Actual behaviour

The AutoPi never wake up (its hotspot does not appear, it does not record any trips or information, etc).
Furthermore, I mention that there is always this event when the car stop:
event.vehicle.engine.reason: >- Unable to verify connectivity of protocol ‘auto’: Unable to connect because no supported protocol found

Output of power.status command

As long as the AutoPi does not wake up, I paste the result of the power.status command before it goes to sleep (20 minutes after the car stopped)

users: 1
seconds: 1697
since_t: 1616521048
days: 0
since_iso: ‘2021-03-23T17:37:28.537819’
time: ‘0:28’
state: discharging
voltage: 12.8
level: 100
sleep: NONE
wake: NONE
vl_wake: ’ >13.00V FOR 3 s’
vchg_wake: ’ +0.50V IN 1000 ms’
uart_sleep: ’ 900 s’
vl_sleep: ’ <12.20V FOR 240 s’
ext_sleep: ’ LOW FOR 3000 ms’
ext_wake: ’ HIGH FOR 500 ms’
down: none
up: ‘on’
sleep_interval: 0
version: ‘2.1’
current_state: ‘on’
down: none
up: spm

Do’s & dont’s

  • Do not write your unit-id anywhere.


Was your device working earlier? In such a case you can make modifications to the Wake Trigger (Advanced → Settings → Power). There voltage level is set to 13.20 by default, however in some cases it can be necessary to lower it.

I hope I could help you, but if it does not work please get back to us.

Hi, Thank you for your answer. I already set the trigger to 13.00 V, and it doesn’t wake up unless I unplug and replug it, whereas the voltage measured in the dashboard is above 14 V at ignition !!
I will now try with the trigger set to 12.9 V, the minimum value, but I have no hope for a success by this way. I will let you know.

I just check if lewering the wake trigger to 12.90 V would solve the issue, but it appears that it doesn’t.
In the event the autopi recognize if the engine is running or not, the voltage is about 13V, and over 14 V at ignition, but if the autopi is sleeping, then the ignition won’t wake him up.
Please help !!!


Thank you for testing this. Can you reach out to They will give you an answer to this.


Hi Peter,

Thank you for your answer, I will contact the support then.

Best regards,


I am also having this issue.

When the car starts, the light is flashing blue and most often it doesn’t eventually turn on. Occasionally it does turn on, quite some time into the trip already (20-30 minutes into the trip)

I have spent a while mixing the power settings (turn on voltage, highest to lowest, battery check interval etc.) restored everything to default but still the same issue.

I am wondering if it is the power chip not being able to read the battery.

If I pull the power from the AutoPi then plug it back in, it then turns on as normal.

The battery reads around 14.1 when the engine is on, then 12.5 when it is not running.

When the car starts, maybe all the current is being pulled from the starter motor and maybe causing the autopi to lose power briefly when starting. Not much of an issue when the device is sleeping, but if the default trip end period is 30 minutes, it may be causing the Pi to suddenly lose power while still turned on if the car is again started within the 30 minutes.

I have lowered my settings to 2.5 minutes, giving the autopi just enough time to submit any data and safely shutdown