Surfacing RPM via logbook API

Is there a way to surface the RPM of a vehicle at a 1 second frequency?
I’m not seeing:

  • a logbook API endpoint for RPM (i got a lot of 500 errors trying various keys)
  • an returner entry in the minion file for sending RPM to the cloud, the other values seem to use alternating_value

Is it possible to surface RPM with a frequency of 1 second without writing a lot of custom code?
Which file do I put custom code to upload data to a different endpoint from the device?

Hi @rsk ,

As if now the only way you can change the logging frequency is to change it directly in the minion config file on the device.

From the next release we will make it possible to change the sampling frequency from the Cloud, as there has been several request for this.

The “alternating_value” function, will make sure the device only uploads data when the value alternates. This is to minimize upload.


Thanks Peter. I was looking for RPM data. I was able to update the minion.