Storage and Transmission of ECU Data into Cloud Server for Fault Tracking

Dear Sir/Madam,

I plan to do a project where i can collect and transmit data from the ECUs of an auto car wirelessly, to determine whether the ECU is faulty, and store it into a server, using LoRA . I would like to ask for suggestions on how i can integrate AutoPi into this project. Is there anything i need to consider? What are the concerns and risk that i need to know about? Also, do the ECUs have to be wireless or should they just be communicated through the CAN-Bus?

I am new to this area and have an average understanding of this scope of wireless data transmission.
Thank you for being patient with me

Hi Isaac,
Sounds like an interesting project, and absolutely perfect for the AutoPi.

All communication with the ECUs is done through the CAN bus, so there’s no wireless communication involved in that part. The AutoPi device plugs into the OBD-II port and collects data by polling the ECUs every 1/3/30 seconds, depending on what data it is polling for.

To then send the data through LoRa, you would need to implement your own own custom returner (the final stage of our data processing pipeline) and set the data loggers that you’re interested in (e.g. RPM, Speed, Fuel Level) to use that returner.

Simple as that!

Thanks for your answer Eriks! That helps alot. Just a follow up question : What about in the case for wireless ECUs? Should it still be communicated through CAN-Bus or is it possible to fetch data directly from the ECU?

A patent was filed here relating to ECU using wireless transrecievers to communicate with one another. : US20140172188A1 - Security for a Wireless ECU Vehicle System - Google Patents . So if this were to be a reality, then i wonder if its possible to fetch data directly from there and send it to server using LoRa. That’s the reason behind this question.