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I wanted to ask you how to build a logger from a found CAN message. Let me put it in context.

We are working on a project that consists of studying the lane keeping assistance systems disconnections. As I, who am in charge of detecting the disconnections, do not have a car with an LKA system, I have started by identifying the CAN message that controls the speed limiter. I was testing with the recorder and the player and I found it. I have seen that by running the messages:

ID: 434
Increment limiter: 828e700010000287 and 828e700010000293
On/Off limiter: 828e700001000293

I can activate and deactivate the speed limiter and increase its value.

The next step is not to activate or deactivate or increase its value, I just want to check, constantly, if it is active or not. That is to say, I want to create a logger that queries the ECU all the time about the state of the speed limiter. The problem is that I can’t translate the write CAN messages that I got in a read-only message to be able to make queries without affecting the behaviour of the car. Could you give me a hand, if you know how to do it, to translate those messages into read-only status messages? If you can give me some guidelines on how I should proceed it would be a great help.

I would also like to make public all the IDs of the messages I find once I find out how to make the queries and thus make the library and the community bigger.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Quico

It’s great to see that our device can help you with your project.

Have you tried reading our guide, on how to create PID loggers, this might help you.

If this doesn’t work either, please feel free to contact our support.

Kind regards,
Tony, AutoPi

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