Some terminal commands are timing out...?

Subject of the issue

Intermittent cellular connection issues on Mint Mobile network (T Mobile MVNO)

Your environment

  • What version is the dongle? (Find on software state page on

Can’t find on current version of cloud GUI. Board version is 7.0. I think the software is 4.0? If someone has a terminal command I can run I will let you know for sure.

Steps to reproduce

Power on the device. Run any ec2x.blah command other than

Expected behaviour

Command should execute. Usually a result should be returned too.

Actual behaviour

Error returned “: error: No reply message received within timeout of 30 secs - please try again and maybe increase timeout value”

Output of power.status command

If your issue is in any way related to the device shutting down or behaving in a unexpected way, please provide the output of the power.status command to help us diagnose the issue.

Run the command


in the terminal on, and paste the result here.

$ power.status
users: 1
seconds: 3082
since_t: 1676913826
days: 0
since_iso: ‘2023-02-20T17:23:46.292029’
time: ‘0:51’
down: none
up: ‘on’
difference: 0.5
period: 1000
threshold: 13.2
duration: 3000
threshold: 12.2
duration: 240000
state: discharging
voltage: 12.7
level: 100
sleep_interval: 0
current_state: ‘on’
version: ‘4.0’
down: none
up: plug
volt_factor: 0.991

Do’s & dont’s

  • Do not write your unit-id anywhere.
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Among other issues I want to debug why the device stopped receiving SMS messages, but all the helpful commands appear to be ec2x. commands… :sob:

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