[solved] System Events to local MQTT Broker


As you know, I am working on an AutoPi display project. For an understandable display I would also need the “System Events” (like “^vehicle/motor/stopped” ) in the MQTT Broker. How can I achieve this?

Under Services / event_reactor / reactor I can’t add mqtt as returner unfortunately. But I think this would be the right way. Because this way I get an “alternative cache event” option.
Only the cloud and my remote MQTT Broker are selectable.

What do I have to do to give a system event to the local MQTT broker?


OMG to easy…
I have add a hook in services / event_reactor. The same like in obd manager.

Now mqtt is also at the reactor availible!

And once again, it shows how easy to use the AutoPi software is!
Many thanks for this!