Software update on the 4th of December - Torque app support, DBC file upload, improved CAN Analyzer and sleep timer management

Software update on the 4th of December - Torque app support, DBC file upload, improved CAN Analyzer and sleep timer management

We have pushed a new release that contains the following changes.

Frontend -

New functionality:

  • Improved the way services work, allowing users to override only the things they need, and still keep the other defaults.
  • Added support for displaying and postponing sleep timer to be more transparent about device lifecycle.
  • Added ability to remove fork relationship between PIDs and CAN Messages.
  • Added ability to upload DBC, KCD, ArXML, Sym and CDD files to the car library.
  • Major improvements to the CAN Analyzer feature.
  • Added new sidebar tab (and badge with count) with pending changes, and the ability to sync them all at once.
  • Added warning when creating CAN Signal logger, if no signals are created in car library.
  • Added ability to set trigger, converter, filter and returner in PID loggers editor.
  • Added ability to delete multiple car library items at once.

Fixes and stability improvements:

  • Changed test command in PID editor to exclude certain arguments based on the current PID.
  • Changed sync state field to be hidden when synced, as you only really care about it when something has been modified.
  • Changed tables to scroll horizontally on mobile.
  • Fixed validation issues in advanced settings.
  • Fixed validation issues in the CAN signal editor.
  • Fixed issue where it was not possible to change the device callname from the device settings page.

AutoPi Core

New functionality:

Fixes and stability improvements:

  • Fixed timeout issue when running commands. Most commonly seen when using Raspberry Pi 3.
  • Fix in ‘obd_manager’ to use initially configured protocol (the default bus registered on vechile).
  • Fix in ‘’ command to avoid custom baud rate error when using ELM327 protocol. Also added more details in response regarding failed messages.
  • Fix in ‘obd.send’ command to enforce validation of actual response message count according to integer value specified in ‘expect_response’ parameter.
  • Fix in ‘obd.battery’ command to avoid error when no protocol is connected.
  • Fixed error when running command ‘obd.connection reset=cold’.
  • Stability improvements in communication with SPM:
  • Updated local UI ( to latest version.
  • Upgraded Flask web server to version 1.1.1.

Note: Auto updates are currently disabled, but can be enabled in the advanced settings.

The estimated size of the update is around 18mb

The update takes quite a while to finish, and it will restart the services running on the device. So please be patient when installing the updates, it should finish by itself, or retry on errors.

Let us know if you experience any issues.

As always, feedback, comments etc are welcome!


I’ve lost remote contact with the dongle since yesterday and I’m pretty sure it has to do with the update. I can still use local logon but the remote login via does not work. I can see that there are a number of pending tasks24 .
The last event logged is hibernation at 00:29 on the 4th. I’ve tried power.reboot and even unplugged it but no improvement.

Any suggestions on what to do?

Hi Johan, the update was pushed around five yesterday afternoon, so it does seem that your device has been offline for a while before that. But while it’s hard to say if it’s connected, there is no coincidences :slight_smile:

Can you send an email to

Best regards

It went offline due to hibernation (event.system.power.reason: battery_critical_level) which was expected but after that it never got back online.
I’ll email support.

Something wrong with the update autopi most of the time is offline data is no show in widgets in terminal data is presented…
please check that

We just pushed a small release with a few minor bugfixes to

  • Fixed small annoyance in the sidebar terminal
  • Fixed issue in the local UI where it would send many notifications that the device is going to sleep if the time on the device is not up to date.
  • Fixed issue where the manual detect can protocol notification would hang.

Best regards

Hi @snicrams

Not sure what you mean, can you add more details + screenshots so that I can check it out?

Best regards

libary loggers odometer testing in terminal working odometer widget no data anymore

with all other loggers is the same story when i run them in terminal they give me data from the car but when I add widget data is not displayed
please help


The above issue has been solved, and was caused by a missing returner on the loggers.

On a related note …

We just pushed a minor change to with the following changes

  • Fixed a small issue where some password managers would raise a false positive that the login form is insecure.
  • Changed the default values when creating loggers, the default returner is now set to cloud and filter is set to alternating_readout.
  • Minor fixes to validation messages under the services menu point.

Have a nice weekend.

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What is the average turn around for these builds on GitHub? It looks like nothing has been added to the core since October.

And are there any plans to release the build your own in the future? Or a timeline on when that might be expected?

Hi @Zaf9670

The github lib should have been updated now. Usually it happends right after the release, but each time we are also creating a new image, which postpones the process a bit.


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When are next update coming up?

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