Software update on the 3rd of June - Extended PID's, device templates, better J1939 support and more

Software update on the 3rd of June - Extended PID’s, device templates and better J1939 support and more.

A new release has been pushed that is containing the following changes.



  • Added support for extended PID’s
  • Added ability to create, modify and remove device templates from the UI.
  • Changed so that configuration and device changes applied from a template is now marked as such.
  • Changed the menu structure to separate device specific items.
  • Added warning when changing the type of a vehicle as it will reset the loggers associated.
  • Minor improvements to tables so that all empty columns show a dash to indicate no value is set.


  • Fixed issue where bus on device vehicle was changed, but change was not pushed to device.
  • Fixed issue where some fields was not selectable when adding/configuring a widget.
  • Fixed rare issue where the advanced configuration section could in some cases

AutoPi Core


  • Better support for 29bit CAN headers when sending and receiving CAN messages.
  • Better support for parsing J1939 responses using DBC file.
  • Added support for J1939 hardware filtering.
  • Performance optimization of OBD communication by receiving raw data without spaces.
  • Added converter to filter out unrealistict vehicle speed results.
  • Added support for multi pulse key fob actions.
  • Added ‘jsonl’ returner that can be used in workflows.
  • Added expiration functionality to ‘cloud_jsonl_returner’.


  • Support running ‘minionutil.update_release’ from local terminal.

The update can take quite a while to finish, and it will restart the services running on the device. So please be patient when installing the updates, it should finish by itself, or retry on errors.

Let us know if you experience any issues.

As always, feedback, comments etc are welcome!

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