Software update on the 2nd of August


We have pushed a new release that contains the following changes. (4589c097)

  • Improved the way trips are handled.
  • Triggers has been extended to also allow date and time comparisons. ie. you can now among other things, make a trigger that will send you an email if a certain event happens at certain times of the day (or night).
  • Fixed an issue with saving VIN and Licence number.
  • Fixed an issue with saving address on profile.
  • Changed dashboard to have a time selector, to be able to easier browse logged data.
  • Changed gauge to show average speed.
  • Fixed issue where battery voltage was not displayed in chart.
  • Minor fixes to trip page and terminal.
listed #2

Thanks, for the update I can’t wait for the next update with the can bus sniff option, I really hope the 4g hostpost will work in the next one…

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After this update i finaly have som dashboard data from my IONIQ EV. The AutoPi now presents position, RPi temp and AUX battery voltage. :slight_smile:



But i suppose it is just from the AutoPi .
Nothing yet from the Ioniqs OBD port?


Yes, that’s correct. The AutoPi still goes to sleep while driving, so no trips either. For mee it seems not so logical that the device are going to sleep with activity still on the hotspot.



same here no trips registered on dashboard.
Someone now how it is going with the update for Hyundai Ioniq?

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We are still working on an alternative solution for all the EV and PHEV vehicles. The issue is that these types of vehicles doesn’t support the standard OBD protocol (even if they should because it’s an EU regulative). The vehicle’s do however give you direct access to the CAN bus. The solution is to replay/listen to CAN message directly on the bus.

At the moment we are working on implementing CAN sniffing for all our users, as described here:

When this is available you will be able to playback any CAN command, as per described in this project:

My best guestimate for when this is ready for you is in a month or so. Once its available we announce it to you all.

With this I’m just telling you that its something we still have focus on and is working on.



Thx. for your update Peter, really appreciate all the great work with the Autopi. It will be awesome when we can begin to contribute. The EV community is quite passionate :wink:


Would be sweet to see support for Ioniq EV, need to read the battery charge info :slight_smile:

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