Software update on the 25th of September - CAN Message support in car library, hooks, EV improvements

Software update on the 25th of September - CAN Message support in car library, hooks, EV improvements

After a long time with a lot of work being done, we are finally ready to release it all.
We expect to get back to the monthly release cycle after this release.

We have pushed a new release that contains the following changes.

Frontend -

  • Added “trips” section to Advanced settings. From here you can control which events that will create and close trips. Will be useful for EV owners.
  • Added support for CAN messages in Car Library. Will allow users to listen on CAN Based signals and share them with other users. Will be useful for EV owners.
  • Added support for CAN based loggers in loggers section.
  • Redesign of software release UI. Allows better overview of failed/successful updates and reasons why. Also included historic updates, to keep track of previous attempts.
  • Added horizontal/linear gauge widget to dashboard
  • Added text widget to dashboard
  • Added “triggers” and “enricher” types to workflows
  • Added possibility to export trips to CSV, from trips page.
  • Added better filtering of trips
  • Added server side assisted GPS calculation to trips, to get better overview of path until GPS is fixed.
  • Made Cloud terminal more mobile friendly
  • Changed layout of top menu bar, to allow a larger list of cars
  • Made it possible to resend confirmation email
  • Added vehicle make/model and type to register page
  • Added “util” as a type in the Custom Code UI
  • Added advanced config of configuration for “upload events” and “sleep timer” events. Will allow EV owners to better control powering.
  • Added badge for unsynced settings in advanced configuration
  • Added possibility to tag trips as “personal” or “business”
  • Added units and additional input validation to advanced settings
  • Added cron editor to Jobs menu
  • Added possibility to create trigger directly from Events page
  • Added possibility to disable cloud upload by setting interval=0
  • Added badge to alerts menu, to show open alerts
  • Added notification to change WiFi password, to increase security on device
  • Fixed bug where map zoom was reset on refresh of widget.
  • Moved advanced settings away from profile settings, to give easier access
  • Fixed a bug in the dashboard, where gauges would not fetch the last known value, but an average of previous values.

AutoPi Core

NOTE: A reboot will be performed during update because of a required patch. The reboot will happen automatically and the update procedure will continue.

  • Added support for custom event triggers in workflows. On see new hooks pane in the service editor. An upcoming community post will show an example on how this functionality can be used to trigger custom events to control the power cycle of the dongle and also starting and stopping trips in the cloud.
  • Added support for parsing CAN messages with DBC files. See:
  • Added more advanced configuration parameters that can be changed from For an overview see:
  • Added reason field to the “vehicle/position/unknown” event. See:
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements in OBD integration.
  • Fixed hostname error when logged on through SSH.
  • Ensure original order of data when retrying upload to cloud.
  • Stop fast worker threads when updating software release to improve performance.
  • Fix issue in WiFi hotspot (hostapd service) after upgrading to latest Linux packages.

Modem update
A new firmware update to the EG25-G module has been released. This firmware update applies to 2nd Generation 4G/LTE dongles, shipped out before September 1st 2019. All devices shipped after this date has already been firmware upgraded. Please follow this guide if your device needs this update:

Note: Auto updates are currently disabled, but can be enabled in the advanced settings.

The update takes quite a while to finish, and it will restart the services running on the device. So please be patient when installing the updates, it should finish by itself, or retry on errors.

Let us know if you experience any issues.

As always, feedback, comments etc are welcome!


A couple of things I’ve noticed immediately.

  1. /etc/iptables/rules.v4 was overridden thus loosing opening the ssh port. I expected this but its painful getting ssh access. It would be great if this was a configuration option.

  2. Loggers have been removed

Do we need to manually re-add them ?


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Will be interesting to see how this will work out … as far as I know, there are no CAN messages on a lot of modern cars ( including mine ) - they are firewalled out. The can recorder always returns 0 messages.

Is the AutoPi Core update expected to be on GitHub soon? And is there any ETA on self-building the core for DIY edition users or other distributions/boards? Really curious to try this out on a Raspberry Pi 4 or other SBC possibly.

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I’ve not got chance to test the update properly yet but I did notice UNKNOWN_AUTO_CREATED

What is this telling me ?

Looks like my firewall changes are getting overridden automatically :frowning:

Hi Peter

We had to redo a large part of loggers and in doing so we (read: I) unfortunately made a mistake in a migration that caused the loggers to be removed.
So yes, you will unfortunately have to recreate the loggers, I hope it’s not too inconvenient.

Regarding the update being called unknown_auto_created, we pushed a minor update, but the name was incorrectly set to a default value.

We fixed the name and everything should be good now.

Regarding the changes you made, being overwritten - We would like to provide functionality that solves this issue either by allowing you to configure the states with custom values, or by marking files as user-managed.

But it is still on our roadmap, so it’s hard to say exactly when this will be available :confused:

Best regards

:slight_smile: Yes, not really a problem - the important bits are in the library.

Yep, looks good now.

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FYI, we pushed a minor release on the 26th - So thats why the release on the software updates page on is “26th”.

Just wanted to give the team thanks for this update - So far as of Thursday I now have 4 100% EV trips logged. :grin:

I’m currently using vehicle/obd/bus_connected as the start tag and vehicle/battery/discharging as the end tag. I don’t seem to see any events for bus_disconnected for my vehicle, but battery_discharging seems to be an immediate and so far reliable end tag for me. I’ll need to test how the obd bus acts when charging though, I suspect it may bring it to a connected state but we’ll see.

I also used vehicle/position/moving and vehicle/position/standstill which worked, but the trip didn’t end until the next trip - It may have been due to losing GPS signal in an underground garage.

Either way, this should allow me to play around with loading and testing my own PIDs to add additional loggers. Thank you!! :+1:

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the update is not working so smooth (at least for me…)

It was the same for me. Did you try unplugging the AutoPi? I disconnected it (physically) a couple of times (after it had completed trying to update) and it finally went through.
However all my loggers were lost, but my custom code and jobs seems to be ok.

Thanks for that - that working for me as well … except the autopi is going to sleep during the journey.

I guess we’ll need to figure out the sleep events as well.

There are some new sections under Advanced -> Power now, Event RegEx for Engine Stopped and another to surpress sleep timers. (^vehicle/obd/bus_connected seemed to work for me to prevent sleep timers).

More testing though, it looks like the battery discharging tag didn’t work for my vehicle for longer drives. After about 30 minutes it looks like my battery cycles between charging/discharging at least as read by the AutoPi, and I got gaps in longer trips. My vehicle also seems to power up the ODB bus about every 30 minutes when charging too, so I got some 0-mile trips when charging.

I’m not sure what others were seeing, but I haven’t seen a “vehicle/obd/bus_disconnected” or “vehicle/position/moving” tag logged, which might help get around that.

I’m wondering if it’s possible to do custom event tags for trip logging from our PID library? So far I haven’t gotten mine working but that’s still a work in progress for me. I was going to wait until the guides to investigate further.

Either way this is definitely a good starting point.

Ah, got it thanks.

I’m trying -

Engine stopped : ^vehicle/position/standstill
Suppress : ^vehicle/(position|obd)/(moving|bus_connected)

Since I am seeing vehicle/position/moving event.

Untested !

I can’t update. The update button is orange and show a message the update is already in queue but never update.

Any idea that how update the dongle?

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Me too, any idea?
I don’t know how update it

When the update is queued, it should initiate when the device is going to sleep.
If the update fails, it should create an alert - and then retry the update.

Do you have any open alerts?