Software update on the 23rd of May (v1.21.9) - Fleet overview fixes and improved QMI manager

Software update on the 23rd of May (v1.21.9) - Fleet overview fixes and improved QMI manager.

A new release has been pushed that is containing the following changes.


  • Added geofence support
  • Added enqueue update action to fleet overview
  • Added new columns to fleet overview
  • Added filtering to the template device list
  • Added new csv exporting of fleet overview.
  • Changed template devices list to use serverside sorting and added searching.
  • Fixed visual errors in the pending sync sidebar.
  • Fixed issue in fleet overview that caused it to not pan to the devices.
  • Fixed race condition that could cause it to show incorrect online indicator when switching between device.
  • Fixed a minor issue where clicking the web terminal would select the text in the top.


  • Added geofence support
  • Added CSV export of the fleet overview
  • Fixed issue where sorting would include rows with empty values in the top
  • Fixed issue where obd autodetection would be skipped based on the vehicle type if make/model was not set on vehicle.


  • Connectivity improvements in the QMI-manager
  • Added more options ‘topic’, ‘qos’ and ‘retain’ to MQTT returner.
  • Possible to enable Bluetooth on the hardware UART (RPi default) for devices not using STN chip.
  • Support sync of grains defined in pillar data. This can be used to override local QMI settings from the cloud.

The update can take quite a while to finish, and it will restart the services running on the device. So please be patient when installing the updates, it should finish by itself, or retry on errors.
If possible connect the device to WiFi as that can make the update be faster depending on coverage.

Let us know if you experience any issues.

As always, feedback, comments etc are welcome!


I need some help I have never had much luck in the past update the software from the cloud. I currently have the 2nd Gen 4G Edition Dongle and it does have an active sim card but when i keep trying to update from web cloud login it says update already qued even when typing manual update command in terminal rather than GUI. Does anyone have any advise for me? Should I have to reflash it with the lastest gen2 release even though I already did that. I can not get it to synchronize with the web login.

We have just deployed a new update to our community cloud with a bug fix to our J1939 support, and a few other minor changes.

Core (v1.21.10)

  • Fix an issue where 29bit headers could lose a leading zero upon format
  • Shutdown is now broadcasted to all logged in sessions

API (v1.21.16)

  • Added support for enqueuing updates that will be executed on startup instead of waiting for idle.
  • Added update enqueued column for fleet overview.

Hi @whuddleston798,

Help me understand the problem a bit better. Is your device attempting the update and failing to update, or is it not updating at all? If it is the first problem, then try to take a look at our Software Updates guide which has a section about “Viewing update attempts”. There you can find out how to see what errors you’re seeing and hopefully debug them.

In case the device isn’t attempting the update at all, first make sure that it actually isn’t running. It might look like the device isn’t updating, but it is actually doing some work. You can check if the device is doing any work using the following command through the web terminal:

$ saltutil.running

This command will return a list of jobs that the device is currently running. If you see something regarding startup or power.sleep, then the device is likely attempting the update. (we will add this information as part of the Software Updates manual page) If it is updating, make sure to give the device enough uptime and that it doesn’t go to sleep or hibernation by providing enough power to it. Finally, you can also clear the sleep timers by running:

$ power.sleep_timer clear=*

Let us know how it goes.


Just tried to login to my Auto Pi and noticed there’s been no comm’s since a failed update to v1.21.8. It’s kinda buried in my van so not easy to unplug. Do you think it just would just need a power cycle to reboot?

It usually just connects to the van’s wifi for internet access.

Edit: had to re-flash the SD card. It was completely unresponsive.

How long had it been in service and on average how often is it running? Perhaps the SD card is getting worn?

May be worthwhile to invest in a backup SD card that’s industrial grade. I would make sure it’s from one of the bigger memory card vendors as well like Sandisk or Samsung. They generally seem to have decent endurance and speed.

My hotspot is not working since lots of weeks and now the update fails and the pending change too, I think my SD-Card is defective and read only now.

I want to install a new sd-card from scratch Reflashing your device | AutoPi Documentation but where can I found this new release ? I can’t find it on github : Releases · autopi-io/autopi-core · GitHub



What device do you have?
You should just use the most recent version available for your version, and then apply the update - that will apply and configure everything.

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