Software update on the 22nd of September - Stability improvements and better state overview

Software update on the 22nd of September - Stability improvements and better state overview.

A new release has been pushed that is containing the following changes.



  • Added state and applied at columns to the templates.
  • Made some optimizations to the event histogram view.
  • Made improvements to the advanced settings for template usage, to make it clearer where settings are coming from.
  • Events page will now highlight sleep and recover events.
  • Added new get help dialog.
  • Improved validation of CAN Signals and CAN Messages to better reflect the standard.
  • Changed web terminal to use a new endpoint where less client side parsing is needed, as this allows for more advanced commands.
  • Added ability to see last known state of any installed docker containers.
  • Added ability to see direction on trips map.
  • Added extra validation of the job args, to prevent invalid arguments.
  • Streamlined execute command endpoint to always return the same structure.


  • Fixed issue in fleet management where devices are not all visible.
  • Fixed issue where events was not reloaded properly when switching between devices.
  • Fixed issue where PID’s and CAN Messages was not loaded properly.
  • Fixed highlight issue in trips page.
  • Fixed issue with datepicker on some pages that would cause data to not be loaded when expected.
  • Fixed issue where refreshing table in docker ui, would not properly reload the data.
  • Fixed error where mqtt returner was not added to the event_reactor service.
  • Fixed issue where a logger would create a field with the wrong name.
  • Fixed issue where autocomplete on the events page would not return any results.
  • Fixed issue where loggers would not be properly synced to the device.

AutoPi Core


  • Better support of 29bit headers in ‘obd.query’ command.
  • Support embedded JSON as arguments when running terminal commands (both locally and from cloud).
  • Updated ‘autopi’ command to show more details when running state runs.
  • Support ‘rpm’ unit in engine event trigger.
  • Enable custom DBC file configuration through service settings.
  • Added DTC alternating filter.
  • Added Docker monitor service to forward events to cloud.
  • Updated local UI to latest version.
  • Improved stability when making configuration changes to WiFi and/or hotspot.


  • Enable MAC allow list of WiFi hotspot clients.
  • Fixed configuration of MQTT returner from cloud.
  • Fixed setup of Docker.

The update can take quite a while to finish, and it will restart the services running on the device. So please be patient when installing the updates, it should finish by itself, or retry on errors.

Let us know if you experience any issues.

As always, feedback, comments etc are welcome!


Hi all

We just fixed an issue that caused the online indicator on to not work properly.
This caused the device to be shown as online at first, and then offline a moment later.

This was purely a visual issue, and any executed commands would execute as usual.

Best regards

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