Software update on the 10th of March - Events visualization, push data to MQTT, wake on accelerometer etc

A new release has been pushed that is containing the following changes.


The default WiFi password has been changed for all devices.
This change will be applied to all devices that does not already have a custom WiFi password, when you update the device. So if you have already changed it, then you can find the new password in the Advanced Settings under “WiFi”.

New functionality:

  • Added ability to set nominal voltage for vehicle.
  • Improved endpoint documentation.
  • Improved events visualization.
  • Updated add-ons page.
  • Improved mobile view of trips page.
  • Added ability to push data directly to a MQTT broker (can be configured in advanced settings.)

Fixes and stability improvements:

  • Fixed a few minor issues with the custom services.
  • Clearer error messages
  • Improved API token view
  • JSON validation error messages on Workers
  • Terminal scrolls to bottom
  • Multiple key selections of triggers on workers and loggers
  • Multiple returners for worker and reactor
  • Validation for CAN Sniff protocol
  • Validation for Advanced settings
  • Fixes on Events page
  • Fixes on Trips page
  • Fixed issue where hooks was not available in dropdown for workers

AutoPi Core

New functionality:

  • Support for wake on accelerometer
  • Made USB UDEV rules configurable from cloud
  • Added cloud JSONL file returner
  • Added MQTT support (returner + local broker)
  • Added support for multiple hooks in workflows
  • Added Docker support
  • Added support for control of external key fob
  • Added support for BLE extension board

Fixes and stability improvements:

  • Fix battery state calculation for 24V.
  • Performance fixes to OBD import handler.

The update can take quite a while to finish, and it will restart the services running on the device. So please be patient when installing the updates, it should finish by itself, or retry on errors.

Let us know if you experience any issues.

As always, feedback, comments etc are welcome!


Is data pushed to MQTT immediately or in batches? I couldn’t find any configuration for this in advanced settings.

Also, what is the topic used for MQTT (is there some common hierarchy level, with different data items on different subtopics, or just everything under the same topic, or what)?

Any update to fully supporting extended headers? Short of bypassing the entire stack I haven’t gotten them to work.

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When can we expect the images for fresh installs? My previous update seemed to cause issues with my TMU and I’ve been awaiting a new image for flashing.

And how is the Buster release progressing? Any ETA?

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