Settings changes not being applied to device

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Subject of the issue

Settings changes not being applied to device

Your environment

Not sure. cloud says 2020.05.27 but device has been rebuilt since then

Steps to reproduce

All I’ve done is reflash the device, connect to my local WiFi, re-accepted the minion and tried to sync the pending changes.

Expected behaviour

I would expect the changes to propogate.

Actual behaviour

I get an error from the cloud UI saying the unable to connect to device: even though it is shown as connected on the dashboard.

Output of power.status command Cloud Terminal - Use with caution. Type 'help' for help. 
Use 'ctrl+r' for reverse-i-search. Use 'ctrl+c' to cancel a request.
local user@Local device $ power.status
error: Expected ack '12' but got '255'
local user@Local device $ 

I have managed to download the minion log and syslog, but they’re too big to paste in here.

Hi @guff666,

Thank you for posting this. We’ve had some server maintenance today with extended downtime. This could have interferred with the connection to your device. Can you confirm that the problem persists?

If so, please reach out to, they will be able to assist you with this.


The server issues are still there messing up a lo of things. Can we rely on this service being available consistently?

Hi James,

The service is available consistently, but all servers needs maintenance from time to time. We usually schedule these around the same time we do software releases (see the annuncements section), but sometimes we have unexpected maintenance like the one yesterday. Our servers are physical and things can brake, unfortunately.

If you have issues with the service, please report these to, they will be able to assist you and investigate.

Have a great day.


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