Serial TTL communication

can i use the UART RX and TX pins of the PI on the AutoPi?

I have a electric car and want to monitor the cell voltage with the AutoPi. The cell voltage is printed out by the BMS through a serial TTL, this I want to connect to the PI.

Hi @Jascha_Schubert

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Unfortunately the UART is already occupied by the AutoPi, for vehicle communication.

But I think you may be able to retrieve the cell information directly from the OBD, if its a standard EV or PHEV.


I don’t think I can retrieve the cell information from the OBD. Its not a original EV, It was an normal diesel engine which was swaped with an electric one.

Would a USB to serial cabel work?

Okay I see, seems like a cool project.

Well the device has two USB connections. You should be able to use any of these to establish a serial connection.