Send sms notification

i have dongle, with 4g SIM card, who is connected to the cloud.
I can have from trigger mail notification, we can also make webhoo.
i want be notified by sms, but from the dongle.
how can I create it ?
should I do it only from the cloud ?
then, if so, I need to choose webhook, the synchronize to IFTTT ? (but already try it with no succeed)
sorry for my English
can anyone did it ? send sms notification ? if yes, how did you make it ?

Hi Remy

We are working on a way to run triggers locally on the device, and when that is done, sending notifications from the device will be possible, but until then, the only way to do it currently, is via Twilio, Plivo, IFTTT or anything else that allows you to send text messages via a webrequest.

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Thank’s you for the answer.
So, i will send by webhook.
We another question is: can we send to a database mysql ?
Webhook-> database mysql is possible ?

Hi Remy

I’m not sure how you mean.
The REST Api that receives the webhook request can do anything with the data, including inserting it into a mysql database.

If mysql has some kind of rest interface built-in, you just need to make sure that the payload that is sent in the webhook is structed in the correct way. ie. it will probably require some specific fields to be present, then you need to change the JSON payload to have those fields.

If that is not what you mean, can you share more details?

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ok, thank’s. this is what I want to do:
From, send the number for exemple in this case 56, in my data base.

(This number would be come from the SoC of the autopi dongle, but this is for later. because nobody know now how to read the EV car information from the odbd of the car.)

so I work on the web app now, and all work well.

I just need to prepare the next step, so

-> how to write 56 for exemple, (56 is 56 percent of the battery level of the EV car, and this number will com from the data of the dongle. but I know now, it is not possible yet, because EV car is not implemented yet. maybe you will add it in the next release. or the next, next …



Ah okay, that makes sense.
Once we are able to log the SoC it will be stored in our cloud, and another way to get that into your database could be for your raspberry pi, to query the REST API every few minutes or so, and then take the value and insert it into your database.

We should have the REST API changes ready in the next few weeks.
About how to retrieve the data from your car, it may actually be possible today by using the the obd pid commands from this guide

If you can retrieve the data via the obd.query command, the device can be configured to retrieve the data automatically, but you have to figure our what pid and mode to use to get the SoC…
So if you’re up for it, there’s a small task for you while we make the other changes :smiley:

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