Send location on regular intervals


Is it possible to send the car’s location to a webhook on regular intervals? I can’t find any documentation on what is available for use in jobs, webhooks, triggers, … Am I missing something?


Hi @thomas_be,

As of now its not possible to send the position through the webhooks in the triggers. But you can get it from the API, but it would be pull based from your side. You can see the API here:


Is this still not possible? This seems like it would be a basic-need and simple to include in the webhooks or emails, since the latest X,Y,Z should be available… it would be real helpful to know “the car entered standstill at X,Y” instead of just a basic “the card is at a standstill” – knowing Where the event happened is much more valuable than just the Event itself.

Is it possible yet?

Im also looking for that. Its quite sad this feature is missing, as it feels like a really basic functionality and AutoPi is one of the most expensive devices of its type.

Yeah, I gave up on AutoPi a long time ago. Too much work for not enough results.


Funny thing is that i bought AutoPi primarly to send device location to my Home Assistant instance. But will try to crack this, location must be exposed somewhere.

I am dying for this too… between general “tracking” of the vehicle and “geofencing” - to trigger stuff at home when i’m either approaching or leaving the area… I’ve figured that I, from my server, I can poll the AutoPi API to get a “last location” but that’s a sloppy-man’s approach to it, given that the R-Pi has access to the when it’s generating any event, it just seems like a no-brainer to include it in there. I’m pretty frustrated too, esp after dumping out $200+ for it with the expectation that the lat/lon would be available. Frustrated and disappointed.

Hi all.

So far, unfortunately, it’s only possible to get the location by communicating with our API servers. What you can do however, is to setup a trigger on the AutoPi that makes a webhook request to a personal server that will then ask for the most recent location through our API.

There is a post by another community member here that describes a bit more what you can do to get the location with useful information on how to do it.

Hope this helps.



it is possible by script:

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