Sell Autopi 4G/LTE Edition Full Working nearly new

I’ve purchased the Autopi 4G/LTE with extension cable.

Its work very well and I’ve used only few month because now I’ve sold my car because company give me the business car to use as private.

I will sell to who is interested this Autopi 4G / LTE / WiFi in perfect conditions.
The price is 90€ + shipment. I can ship in Europe.

Feel free to contact me if interested

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Hi, I want it, please how do we talk?

Hi ricard,
please contact me on telegram my username is: @lomatt or otherwise contact me by email to

I can give you more photos if you want.

I’ll wait you

Hi. Is this still available? I am interested. Cheers

Hi yes is still available. Ricard contacted me but I think they are evaluating send me an email or telegram chat for more information

Hi Matteo. I also have one for sale, so when you have sold yours, please let me know and I will offer mine after (no point in both of us selling at the same time :smiley: )

Although mine is only a couple of months old, and is the 4G Gen 2 edition so price will be higher than what you’re asking.

P.S. I am based in Germany but will offer shipping across europe as well

Hi, I’d be interested in buying your autopi. I just placed an order. Lemme figure out how to cancel it first.

Hi Thomas

I am not sure if Matteo is still checking these pages out since its been almost 2 weeks since he was last online. So let me know if you want to wait for him or not.

Hi all I’ve sold


Hi I’d prefer gen2 anyway, so that’s why I contacted directly you. Is there a way of private messaging? I dont really want to paste my email here :wink:

Yes, it seems they didnt provide the links to messaging even though the forum software has it.

You can contact me at

AutoPiCommunity (the at symbol)

I’ll reply to you from my actual address

Cool, email sent. Cheers.

Dear… Is it still available.?