Security concerns

What kind of security measures are implemented in AutoPi?
I am worried that by connecting my car to the network, it will allow thieves to hack into the wireless raspberry and unlock the doors or roll down windows.

Is there any way to completely disable such functions as opening doors, windows, in essence, anything that would allow stealing my car?

I am a developer and I don’t trust any software to protect against such malicious attacks, there are and always will be software vulnerabilities, for example, Tesla had one last year:

So I am looking to limit what can be done with AutoPi even if my device is hacked.


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for a user’s perspective, if someone wants to hack your car to just open doors or roll down windows, I’m fairly certain it’s easier for them to simply smash the window :slight_smile:
In order for someone to be able to roll down your windows, they need to know the commands - I have a EV and AutoPi doesn’t (yet) support “sending commands” to the car but for other cars I’ve seen some pictures where you can have a button on the web UI that will execute predefined commands.
If you’re worried about getting your car stolen, make a geofence script. That way you can at least track where they’re taking your car :wink:
That is, if the AutoPi is hidden. If they can just unplug it, even that wouldn’t make sense. I have a 3-way OBD2 splitter in my car and to most people (even guys at service center!) they didn’t notice that I “swapped” the OBD2 connector. AutoPi is now hidden inside the dash.