RPI Screen troubleshooting

I have followed the steps to get the screen working, everything is installed on the software side.

I’m not seeing any response on the screen at all. Even when I manually try to start an LXDE session it says it can’t open display. Am I missing anything on the hardware side?

An update to this. I took off the dongle and attached the screen as a typical RPI screen. The screen then had power and showed up (but it didn’t boot).

It still boots headless hooked up to the car. I know the RPI version requires jumper wires to to RPI for power. Is there something I’m missing to power the screen when the dongle is attached?


Because there was no activity for a while at the topic I close it. If your problem still exists or find another one, please do not hesitate to open a new topic or mail to support@autopi.io

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