Reveal Additional OBD2 Sensor Data

Hi there
I have very successfully used the autopi as an ELM232 dongle. Using a car scanner app I can see lots of data (in my case suspension heights from my land rove discovery). How do I go about showing these in AutoPi Cloud?

First you should go to Car Explorer -> Library -> Create PID.
Then you must add the new PID as a Logger. at Car Explorer -> Logger -> Create PID.
And Finally go to Dashboard -> Widget actions -> Add widget

Great thanks. Where do I get the mode, code and other details from? I can read the data I want using the autopi as an ELM emulator and the car scanner app.

This is a great question. If the information you are trying to read is not described in the OBD 2 standard then you should search on the web for land rove specific pids or if your dealer/ repair shop is kind enough, they could give a PID or two. In this situation, someone must have added this specific pid in the app. One solution will be to sniff the obd messages using this tutorial. I was in your shoes once with a car of mine, a ford fiesta mk5. After a good search I found my way. Also if you are an advanced Linux user, you can use some kind of sniffing tool more like the tutorial but with the car scanner app running in the background asking the pid in question.