Response to: Documentation on fields returned by tracking_manager service

This is in response to @kohlab 's query from September 27. A bot closed the thread, so I can’t reply directly there.

I looked at the data the tracking manager produces, and it seems to be:

  • utc: UTC time the data was recorded
  • _type: “pos”, indicating this is position data
  • cog: Course On Ground, i.e. the compass direction the device has been moving in (pretty sure this is not magnetic but true heading)
  • sog: Speed On Ground, i.e. the ground speed of the device, in kilometers per hour
  • Latitude in decimal degrees (positive for the northern hemisphere, negative for the southern)
  • loc.lon: Longitude in decimal degrees (positive for the eastern hemisphere, negative for the western)
  • alt: Altitude above sea level in meters
  • _stamp: Complete time stamp of when the data was recorded
  • nsat: Number of satellites observed

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