Replacement Pack for AutoPi 2nd GEN Dongle


Can you confirm that:
Replacement pack for AutoPi 2nd GEN Dongle
AutoPi 2nd GEN Dongle - DIY Edition
Raspberry Pi Zero WH
is totally equivalent to

AutoPi 2nd GEN Dongle - Wi-Fi/NB/Cat M1 Edition
AutoPi 2nd GEN Dongle - 4G/LTE Edition

I have the DIY version and I want to use the GPS functionality and I have a doubt!
Is it necessary to add an additional GSM / GPS card and if so which model?

Thanks for your help

Hello Grebe,

Sadly,with only the parts you mentioned, the device will not have WIFI or GPS capabilities.
But, if you use a Quectel EG 25G your 2nd DIY will connect both to GPS and WIFI.

Let us know if you have any other questions.


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