Remote Start for older vehicles

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Currently, I have a 2003 Volkswagen Jetta and was wondering if the 4G dongle would allow me to start my car from a distance? If so, how would that work exactly once I’ve plugged it into my OBD slot and set up the device? Thanks.


Hi, the old car use direct wiring for start the engine.
You can modify the raspberry for add a relay, modify the car wiring, and code the function.
An other parameters is the anti start system, you need to deactivate it or let the ship in the car.


@escowen23 You mentioned a 2003 Volkswagen Jetta. I wouldn’t recommend you doing what @Regi54 said. This method, and in fact most methods of hot-wiring a car, will only work on cars older than the mid-90s. Newer models are equipped with a whole host of locking mechanisms in place to keep you from hot-wiring the car unless you’re intimately familiar with the quirks of the model. If you try this even on a 2002 Honda Civic, you’re likely to end up setting off alarms and locking the starter, meaning no one can drive it.

And also, serious damage to the shifting mechanism and steering column can result from this method(unless steering column and gear selector can be overridden - check that in owner’s manual). I’m not saying that this is impossible to do, but keep in mind that 2000 cars and newer were designed to prevent that kind of actions.

And even if you manage to start up your car, the steering column is probably locked at this point, meaning that you’ll have to break it to be able to steer, unless you want to drive straight off a cliff or something.

And to answer your question: As far as I know remote start will only work on cars, with start-stop feature.

@zigapovhe, I’m not agree with you the idee is to remote start the engine not to drive it so the lock steering column is not a probleme.
I Have do it on my Punto 2009 with a Magicar(M9000 alarme who allow me to remote start the engine.
The only safety you need to by pass is the anti-thief system, for that i just need to desactivate it from the ECU or leave the ship near to the neiman.
In Aliexpress you can find lot of remote start systeme and they work.

I’m using my AutoPi in a 1991 Citroen BX and remote start is one of my intended uses - simpler for me than for most! Your car is new enough that there is probably a transponder chip in the key - if so, you would need to bypass or remove this system to allow the car to be started remotely. That’s probably the biggest hurdle - hopefully getting the AutoPi to activate a relay should be the easy bit!


What other ideas do you have? Why would you remote start the engine then? Just curious of your ideas, don’t get me wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

In my case I remote start my car in winter before I left home like this it’s already defrost.
Same in summer the AC is on and you don’t have a very hot atmosphere when you enter.
The door are still close the steering wheel Lock so no problem, and I have an other safety is the car lose the connection with the remote the engine automatically turn off.
You can do the same with the autopi.

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Okay, I like the idea but do you turn off your car before you want to drive it? Or just unlock the doors with your key?:thinking:

I just unlock the door and put the keys like normal, for turn of I do like usual the system detect the turn on by the key, and release the by-pass.
When I turn off the keys the engine stop

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Ohhh that’s interesting… With 2009 car. Damm*t I have to try this😅

When the car is older, it’s more easy do add fonctionality , you just have to modify the wiring.
With the new car for a remote start you have to simulate the key, the clutch, or break signal and the push button.
On the older you just close the accessories circuit and ,power the starter.

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