Recommendation for use without OBD connector

I’m new to Autopi and I want to use it in car without OBD connector. I’ll connect it to permanent 12V wires on CL socket and I need to change settings to prevent sleepmodes etc.

I want to use Autopi just for tracking position and /30 minutes upload from USB camera.

Can you give me some recommendation what settings is best for this purpose? I need to optimize settings around sleep modes and trip splitting.

Thank you.

Why no reply? Is it possible or not?

Hey @vantomas.

Sorry for the late reply. Have you found a solution to the problem you’re having?


Hi @Nikola, no I didn’t find any solution. I tried it for one day when I get AutoPi, but then I sent a car with dummy GPS locator and I didn’t get a time for this anymore… :slight_smile:

Hello @vantomas.

You’re able to stop the device from setting any sleep timers. You can do that by disabling some of the event reactors. Please note that we do not recommend that you do this and if you do it it’s on your own responsibility. You can do so by following these steps:

  1. Log in to
  2. Select the Advanced dropdown menu and click on Services
  3. Vew the event_reactor service
  4. There should be a tab called Reactors where you should be able to view all reactors that trigger on specific events and their descriptions
  5. Find the reactors that are responsible for setting a sleep timer on the device and disable them.

This should stop the device from going to sleep indefinitely.