Receive charging alerts on your phone ( and smart watch )


Yes - here we are measure the charging rate at the battery ( ie battery voltage * battery current ) - there is some power loss ( maybe 10% ) in the on board charger, cables etc.

It should be possible to measure the power going in to the on board charger, but I’ve not yet seen anyone work that out.

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I’m a developer but I’m new to Python. Where can I find a list of available modules? I want to do MQTT with the result of the work in this thread. I assume that I have to install a new module on the rpi?!


Suggestion to the notification levels. I want data more often :slight_smile:

Replace the 80% and 100% code with the following code to get a notification at each percent

# each % alert
lastsoc = persistance['SOC']
for level in xrange(1, 100):
    if soc >= level and lastsoc < level:
        bot_sendtext("Charging now at a rate of "+format(batt_power,'.2f')+"kW. State of charge now "+format(soc,'.1f')+"%")
EV 12V battery and AutoPi power consumption

I want to extend the battery information with temperature etc. I know the Torque Pro information is on github but I don’t know how to convert the formulas. Especially the data positions (like Q, R, S, T) in the result. I have seen a post describing this but I can’t find it. Anyone has a link to that post?

How is this row converted to AutoPi/Python formula?
000_Battery Module 01 Temperature Batt Temp01 0x220101 Signed(Q) -40 80 C 7E4


So same a kona - we have in the library -

  • Name - Batt_Temp1
  • Description - Battery Module 1 Temperature
  • Mode - 220
  • Code - 101
  • Header - 7E4
  • Bytes - 64
  • Formula - twos_comp(bytes_to_int([19:20]),8)
  • Unit - deg
  • Min - -40
  • Max - 80
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There it was… Thanx. Now its bookmarked :slight_smile:

When I look in the community library I find no Kona EV PID for Battery Temperature. Did you mean the docs on GitHub?

By the way, it looks like all PIDs are the same for Kona EV and e-Niro. Nice!


Strange, I’m not sure why you aren’t seeing them -


Not so strange. I was filtering on 2019 and not 2018


i not understand Kona 2019, only make confusing people … @Malte is useful remove and use only year of every models, for Kona 1 gen only 2018


Yeah, I see what you mean.
To do this, however, we will have to extend our modelling of car makes, models, series and years, so unfortunately it’s as easy as we’d like it to be.

I have added a task to our backlog so that I can discuss it further with the team.

Best regards

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Hi all! Telegram works very well. Just wanted to share an idea. Its just as easy to use IFTTT with webhooks to do almost anything. I just set up a webhook on IFTTT and connected it to my home automation system (Telldus Z-Wave). Resulting in turning a light on and off when charging starts or stops :laughing:

Simple python code for sending webhook to IFTTT

# send message to ifttt
def ifttt_sendevent():


Nice idea :slight_smile:


Nice work plord. I just want to let you know that I am using your code for my e-Niro, work great. My next quest is to get this into my Home Assistant. :slight_smile:


Umm if you use the API, you can already get the data into Home Assistant:

Well, this is in Slovenian but you get the point :smiley:

For info: currently I’m using Node-Red to get the data and it posts results to MQTT. I can use the MQTT messages in multiple systems at the same time then.

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Can you explain how do you do it :thinking: ?
Thanks :smile:

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Sure, I’ll open a new topic tomorrow. Too late for today :slight_smile:

Warning in advance: it’s not pretty, but it works :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve added some improvements to the script including -

  • efficiency since last charge
  • CO2 saved
  • Charging point details
  • Estimated range

I’ll post script in a few days when back home.


Wow big work ! Thanks


Wow. I am interest it too !!
I hope you update the sharing code :wink: in the first post :slight_smile:

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no is better @plord update with new at the end , it’s confuse people (I see on bug fix corrections )

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