RAM OBD2 Commands


I would be very appreciative if someone could point me in the direction to get the commands to:

Engine Start/Stop
Radio Input

Thank you!


Hi Bobbi

We have a guide here that can point you in the right direction.

The above guide explains how to use the CAN commands to record and replay CAN messages, so it can be used to figure out the commands that are sent on the bus, when you press specific buttons etc.
Currently only the command module is available, but we are working on a GUI for the utility.
That should make it much easier to work with - you will receive a notification both here and in the frontend when it is available.

Best regards


I’ve also purchased this for a 2016 RAM,

I’ve had an extremely hard time using the can bus tools that are apart of the AutoPi GUI… have you managed to get anything figured out?

It seems the only way to play around is to sit in the vehicle with the engine running and even then its hard to decyper what the AutoPi detects on the network.

It would be nice if you could create a “baseline” or “control” scan first, then on the 2nd scan ignore everything from the first while pushing the button or doing whatever you’re trying to do.

I was wanting to pull information regarding things like if there was a door open or if the vehicle was in reverse to then relay via the GPIO pins to a lightbar controller so that if i opened the door i could have my scene lights come on… literally the only reason i purchased this and i havent been able to get it to work properly.

I know our trucks have 3 canbus networks and they should all be accessible through the OBD port. The typical one runs at 500kbps which the AutoPi detects but i’ve been having issues figuring out how to connect to the “comfort” bus that runs at 125kbps.