Question about which data plan is best

Hello all!
I am currentlly looking to buy the 4g / lte autopi dongle and I am wondering how much data something like that would need. I wouldn’t be using the hotspot function since I have unlimited data on my phone already.
For example, if I were to buy the 2GB a month data plan from verizon would that be enough data or should I get more? And if so what is recommended?


Hi @Lulamae1,

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Data usage of the AutoPi 4G/LTE dongle is greatly dependant on your specific setup. You can configure the exact amount of data you want to log (how often and what). This means its quite hard to say what the precise data usage is. It also depends on how much you drive. We estimate that a normal data usage will be between 50-100 Mb, if you dont use the WiFi hotspot for surfing. So the 2GB should be more than enough.


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