Python3 migration and general dependency age


As all the things are still Python 2.7 and this is EOL 2 years by now, what are your plans on migration?

It was mentioned that it is on your roadmap, but there seems no progress since this was written in a thread a year ago.

But more generally, all your dependencies you use according to your git repo are quite ancient, and are there any plans to do something about that?



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A reply to this topic from someone in the team would be super nice.

I mean a “Yeah we see this and sometime in 22 this will be changed”, a “We know about the dependency situation and figuring out how to solve that, so we can have them updated more regularly” or even a “Bugger off it is how it is!” would be a better statement then no statement.



Hi @tarfu,

Thank you for the post. You bring up a very good point, python 2.7 has been deprecated for some time and most of our dependencies are based for python 2 as well. However, we are definitely looking forward to migrating over to python 3, but it is not something that happens very easily, especially when there are a lot of other projects and priorities on the line as well.

To try and answer your question, we do plan to move over to python 3, however we aren’t in the know yet when that will be the case. Generally, we aim to do it as soon as possible, however it is not the top priority on our priority stack.


Thanks for the reply!

In general dependencies, I also mean the Redis you link, or the Docker version mentioned in the repo, but you probably have these on your list as well :slight_smile:

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