Programmable USB Switch or IR Blaster

Hi Everyone,
Does anyone have any USB Switch recommendations other than YKUSH? I have gone through two of their boards and their service department basically doesn’t exist. I am looking for something that I can run up/down power to USB for things like LED strips.

Or, I could accomplish this IR and nevermind the USB switch. Is there a specific model number anyone would recommend for use with LIRC?

I been using a couple of Deltaco uh-471 for USB power, they have different versions depending on the need but for small stuff like powering RPI´s they do the work quite well. And support wise, well its Deltaco so you can check them out at there webpages (or other country specific page since they have several).
Sorry realized you need controllers for usb after I posted, that is another matter.

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Ya, looking for something I can enable/disable power via software.

Or via IR.

I ordered the “Icstation 38KHz IR Infrared Remote Control Transceiver Shield for Raspberry Pi 2 3 Module B B+” from Amazon. It was just shy of 12 bucks, so not breaking the bank too much if it sucks.

Maybe you can connect it directly to a Arduino or other header boards that are similar/based on Arduino switch boards?